"After The Storm"

"After The Storm"

“After The storm”


This was an experimental piece for me...I had to keep telling myself “there are no mistakes, just opportunities”.


This originally was a resin pour with sand that didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. After trying to make the resin work, I let it dry and came back to it a week later after it fully cured. I ended up sculpting with plaster, liquid gold, acrylic paint, and finally alcohol ink. 


This piece has been sealed and signed.


I’m extremely pleased with the outcome, and look forward to seeing her hang in someone’s home or office space. 


She’s heavy and stunning! When the light catches the touches of gold it’s quite lovely. 


24 x 30 canvas with a 2” wood frame


Signed by the artist


Layaway Available - Contact me directly to inquire

    $699.00 Regular Price
    $400.00Sale Price